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Hello, We are Chris and Stephanie.
We are the proud owners of
Pets-N-Pals! Chris opened the shop at
the age of 19 in 1989! We love our
local community and we are proud to
be  business owners in Staunton.
Hello, my name is Ruby. I am a
Scarlet Macaw. I was hatched on May
23, 2014. My species originates from
the rain forests of South America.
The Scarlet Macaw is one of the
most beautiful member of the parrot
family. I can reach a speed of 35
miles per hour in full flight. I also
have a strong, curved beak, to crack
hard nuts and seeds. I am currently
being hand fed by Pets-N-Pals, but if
you would like to take me home, you
can put a deposit down on me until I
am ready to go home!